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When you visit the websites for today`s leading tech companies, you're finding BIG and bold wording that gets to the point, And most importantly, it attracts the reader's eye. With nearly 60% of web requests coming from mobile devices, this shouldn't be a surprise. And since three out of four adults are using some sort of eye wear today, accommodating them with words that can be seen in glaring light on a 2 inch screen is embraced at all levels.

Consider the atmosphere of a romantic restaurant lit softly, and often times without direct light available to the tables. Although this is comfortable and inviting, it isn't always the best way to read a menu, particularly if a restaurant's menus are laminated, even causing glare at times. Fortunately, almost all people who are dining today have smartphones available to them, and for those of us who have a hard time reading menus under these circumstances, we are able to resort to 'flashlight' and magnifier apps on our phones to get a better look at the menu.

Since your guests are using their phones to see the menu anyway, why not give them the optimal experience in seeing everything your menu has to offer for the evening with full color pictures, a clean layout with elegant and simple fonts that can be larger or smaller depending on the preference and comfort of your dining guests?

  • Easy management of menu offerings with simple forms for updating adding and temporarily removing menus items.
  • Create PDF versions of your menu for reprint through
  • A layout for your menu that is optimized for smartphones and tablets for simple access to everything that you are presenting to your guests.

Dining Websites with mobile optimized menus starting at only $699, delivered with your menu content. 

Basic Package

  • A website with a responsive front page, with the most obvious information should know about such as a status as to whether you are currently open or closed, your phone number and access to navigation directions via Google maps.
  • A form for easily managing your weekly hours of operation on a daily basis. This information is available for display and also for use within the automation of the website's home page.
  • A menu with flexibility to group your items by course or other category, and to list multiple prices for varying sizes of a listed item.
  • The ability to add pictures to either menu sections or individual menu items
  • A default print layout for your full menu, ready to be fulfilled for printing by vendors like VistaPrint, Staples or your local printing business.